Award Winning Data Center Design & Build

Customer : TTNI

Future Businesstech was awarded the ‘Critical Difference Partner Award for Datacenter Design & Build’ at CRN Leadership Summit for building a Datacenter at TTNI (Toyota Tsusho Network Integration India). The Datacenter was built on solutions and products from Schneider Electric (APC) and won over 23 other entries.

One of the important thing and the challenge for Toyota group is to provide stable infrastructure and secure systems. We at TTNI know what it is important for Toyota Group and what their security guidelines are. Hence we can provide secure and stable systems for Toyota Group.
– Mr Norihito Ohigashi, Managing Director, TTNI

Auto industry woes affect IT spend, challenging TTNI to do more with less.

We provide support to all major Toyota companies in India and when it comes to their application support services, application hosting services, application development services we face a lot of issues on agility. In limited resources, how can we provide the best quality services to them?

Datacenter is one of the areas where if we get into it, we could provide 360 degree services to Toyota Group. That prompted us to get into datacenter services.
– Ritesh Srivastava, Vice President, TTNI

TTNI decided to set up a datacenter to provide 360 degree solutions for the Toyota Group.

In our old location we were having a very congested datacenter. It was quite traditional and was costing us more in achieving cooling efficiency and uninterrupted power supply. This was the key in us going for a new modular datacenter which provides best uptime to the customer.
– Phaniraj D J, Group Leader – FM Operations Team, TTNI

Why TTNI chose Schneider Electric

The overall space requirement was less than half of TTNI’s budget and that made the design more efficient. The Schneider Electric advantage is that every datacenter component can communicate and provide instant visibility.

TTNI had allotted close to 1100 sft of space for the datacenter. When we went through the RGQ, we felt the requirement could have a better design.
– Ashok Ramsetty, Associate Vice President, Future Businesstech

When we talk about an infrastructure system for a datacenter, every component being the best doesn’t really help. How these components come together to form the datacenter system becomes more critical. With the ‘InfraStruxure’ approach, Schneider Electric has created components in such a way that they get integrated very fast, there are no surprises on site, the performance of the overall equipments matches in such a way that even in partial loading conditions, the datacenter performance is still guaranteed and the efficiency is still maintained. This could be one of the few datacenters in India which don’t have a raised floor at all! The direct impact is with respect to the overall space that becomes available for IT deployment.

We adopted a completely innovative approach of in-row cooling which uses horizontal flow of air wherein we have no dependency on the raised floor. This is more efficient and coupled with the innovation of hot air containment system, which is also patented by Schneider Electric, became a very powerful tool to improve the efficiency of the overall datacenter while enabling high density future use if required. Practically every component that has gone into the datacenter is able to communicate. There are protocols of SNMP which we have standardized in the infrastructure architecture. As a result, the UPS can talk, the air conditioner can talk! The temperature sensing is happening, the cameras are on. So all these digital inputs are integrated into StruxureWare for Datacenter, where we have been able to give a visibility to the TTNI management team with respect to the current status of the devices, current capacity utilization, efficiency of the datacenter and they can also run simulations for further additions of IT loads. There is a huge amount of analytics that becomes available after the connectivity is ensured.
– Amod Ranade, General Manager – Datacenter Business Development, Schneider Electric

It has resulted in 30 to 40 percent reduction in power costs and there has been ZERO downtime since the datacenter was commissioned.

Today’s challenge is big data. They can look at big data. Today’s challenge is 24/7 availability, because everybody is talking about the cloud. They can start running a cloud out of this datacenter, because it is all ready to take up all these things. The major factor is the design. Schneider has taught us to spend time on coming up with an efficient design as opposed to other service providers who start designing after going on the floor. It is the design that won us this deal.
– Ashok Ramsetty, Associate Vice President, Future Businesstech

What TTNI has to say about Future Businesstech and Schneider Electric’s Solution

This datacenter is very modular and has a single pane of view to support it. We don’t require dedicated resources. We can have shared resources and reduce our operational expense. This datacenter also supports us to scale up further as and when we want to. We are seeing a big reduction in terms of our monthly bills. It is 30 to 40 percent I would say. After building up this datacenter, because it is modular and the support is uniform, we were very confident we could go ahead and support Toyota Group of Companies in a much better way. In terms of capex investment, operational expenses reduction and managing high skilled resources, I would say we are very happy!
– Ritesh Srivastava, Vice President, TTNI

Schneider has provided us a unique solution. Second thing is that the complete integration by one team (Future Businesstech) which I find useful from a solution, execution and project closure point of view.
– Phaniraj D J, Group Leader – FM Operations Team, TTNI

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