Financing Models

Opex, Leasing and Consumption based payment models to align cash flow and infrastructure needs

Plan, acquire, use and consume technology easily with our

financial options

The old buy/deploy/manage/retire model is becoming increasingly antiquated.

Tailor your IT infrastructure requirements with lifecycle support services and flexible payment models to choose from – opex, leasing and pay-as-you-use consumption models.

We will help you acquire the Technology your business needs with the best financing options.



HPE Greenlake
IT Consumption Model

HP Device as a Service (DaaS)


We offer a wide selection of the products coupled with first-class service and to meet all your rental needs.

Rentals can be for short (1 month) or longer periods (12 months and above).

We cover the entire gamut of equipment from desktops, laptops, servers and networking products.


We offer business and finance lease options for procuring your IT Infrastructure. We have partnered with leasing agencies to take the worry out of funding your infrastructure purchases.

HPE Greenlake - IT Consumption Model

HPE Greenlake is a pay-as-you-go infrastructure consumption model where we provide you with cutting edge servers, storage and services on-premise on a consumption model with flexible capacity on demand.

HP Device as a Service (DaaS)

HP Device as a Service (DaaS), is a solution that combines hardware, insightful analytics, proactive management, and device lifecycle services along with opex payment models


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