Edge Computing & IOT

Gain valuable insights from devices and data at the Intelligent Edge

Turning data into insights

using Edge & IoT

Connect the unconnected using Edge Computing and IoT.

IoT enables you to collect and analyze data from connected assets at the Edge. This data is delivering actionable insights at the Intelligent Edge, helping businesses and industries drive new efficiencies.

Our solutions and services will help you transform to an IoT-enabled, future-ready organization

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems

HPE Edge Center

Internet of Things (IoT)

HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems

The ability to analyze the data in the edge – from devices like drills, cameras, cars and more – in a rapid and efficient manner, and then take action on the data, enables you to optimize operations, redefine employee experiences, improve customer satisfaction, and create differentiated business models.

HPE Edgeline converges operational technology, such as data acquisition, control systems, and industrial networks, with enterprise-class IT in a single, rugged system suited for harsh edge environments.

HPE Edge Center

HPE Edge Center provides software defined capabilities which enable edge automation.

Internet of Things

Hardware, software, and security solutions that put IoT into action in the connected world, providing valuable insights from devices and data at the edge


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